“Thank you again for working with us and our students on this past trip! You weren’t just selling a product, you gave our students the opportunity to make college a reality. I appreciate all of the hard work that your team did to get this trip going and have it run as smoothly as possible. I know that you have made a difference in all of the students who were part of this trip. From the bottom of my heart I thank you and look forward to working with you in the future.”

– Eva Munez-Franco, Los Altos High School

Why Take An IST Campus Tour?

The cost of attending campus tours and choosing your student’s future university can be time consuming and expensive. Several recent studies have found that the average college visit cast parents $3,500 in time-off, fuel, lodging, meals, ect. In fact a recent poll showed that many parents end up spending almost $1,000 in applications and entrance exams alone. While putting together a visit to a campus will certainly help your child decide what university he or she would most benefit from, but what do these cost look like?

  • Time cost: Research and planning averages 20-25 hours
  • Hidden costs: Parking, hotel cost, meals, tour costs, time off from work to travel
  • Transportation logistics: Fuel, drive time, traffic, parking, possible airfare, and rental car
  • Small number of schools actually visited: on average parents visit 2-3 schools per trip
How Can We Help
  • Straight Forward and Clear Pricing
  • Up to 3 campus visits per day
  • Guided Tours and Tour Managers (when requested)
  • Administrative Support For Your Trip
  • Complete Logistical Support
  • We Take Care Of All Hotel Arrangements
  • Meals Included
  •   Affordable Payment Plan available
Here's How It Works

If you’re a student or parent, please go to our contact page to fill out our request more info form and be sure to include your college counselor and/or teacher’s name and email address so that we can reach out to them to coordinate a IST Campus Tour for your high school.