“I appreciate the fact that the coordinators were very flexible and understanding when we had to make changes during the planning stage. During the trip, I enjoyed that everything was arranged and went smoothly. It was great experience and I will definitely use this company for the next tour. Thank you!!”

– Armando Leon, San Ysidro High School

Challenges of Planning a Trip

Organizing a campus group campus tour can be an extremely rewarding experience for educators, students, and parents alike. However there are many challenges and hidden cost such as parking, hotel fees, meals, SPAB certified drivers, campus information, flyers for parents & students, bus driver hours, traffic, meal breaks, distances and fuel surcharges.

  • Hidden costs: Parking, hotel deposits, incidental charges, meals, Information packets and forms
  • Transportation logistics: Getting SPAB certified buses and drivers, Bus driver hours, traffic, meal breaks, distances and fuel surcharges
How We Can Help
  • Straight Forward and Clear Pricing
  • Guided Tours and Tour Managers
  • 24/7 Support for Your Trip
  • Complete Logistics Support
  • Complete Management for All Accomodations
  • Meals Included
  • FREE Trips For Chaperones
Here's How Our Process Works

Step 1: Speak with your local IST Campus Tours Representative

Together you will develop a travel itinerary that meets your budget and travel desires.

Step 2: Receive a customized quote and itinerary

Shortly after your initial meeting, you will receive a custom price quote from the IST Campus Tours corporate office. The price quote will detail your itinerary and all inclusions.

Step 3: Approve the price quote, se a deposit due date and payment plan

Once you approve the price quote and sign the letter of intent, we will begin booking your travel arrangements once we have received deposits or a purchase order.

Step 4: Customer Service Support

Once the letter of intent is signed, all questions can be directed to our corporate office.

Step 5: Distribute the registration forms and collect deposits

IST Campus Tours will provide all of the necessary forms. All you need to do is get the materials into the hands of your students. This is also a good time for the school organizer to have a parent meeting to address any questions about the trip. Registration forms and deposit payment can be collected by the school and mailed in as a group or they can be sent in individually to IST Campus Tours. Speak with IST Campus Tours to find out what works best for you!

Step 6: Make trip payments

We offer a variety of convenient payment plans – Payments can be made by each individual directly to IST Campus Tours corporate office on a monthly basis or can be made in bulk by the school on behalf of all travelers. We are also happy to provide invoices direct to schools.

Step 7: Trip conformation binder details

An IST Campus Tours binder will be sent to the lead chaperon a few days prior to departure. This will include the hotel and tour information as well as information on the campuses. A final itinerary, contact information and packing guidelines can also be included for distribution by the chaperon to the parents upon request.

Step 8: Travel

Enjoy the trip with 24 hour support from the IST Campus Tours staff.

Step 9: Provide feedback

We’ll reach out to you for feedback on how we can improve our trip next time.